The Proliferation of Social Networking

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My cousin, Jennifer Manteghi, is in Youngstown State University's Master's program for Criminal Justice.  She wrote an excellent paper about the benefits and drawbacks of this new age of social networking.  Jennifer has obviously put an extensive amount of time and research into this paper. She nails down tons of facts, and some of the ugly truths found today on the Internet.
Vinocom is committed to family safety, which is one of the reasons for featuring this article.  We encourage you to take a few minutes to read, and hopefully learn some of the things you may or may not have known about what's out there, and what we are in danger of doing if we're not diligent in our values and principles.
I copied the paper's introduction below.  Jennifer's entire paper is available for download (in PDF form) at the bottom of this article.  Good work Jennifer!
- Freddie Anzivino
“The Proliferation of Social Networking:  Communication, Courts and Criminals”

Jennifer A. Manteghi

Youngstown State University

Dr. Gordon Frissora; Criminal Justice Graduate Studies


“Today I am going to write a letter to an old friend to see how they have been for the past several years”.  The preceding statement is not typical in today’s modern world with the proliferation of social networking.  Long gone are the days where one can run into an old classmate at the grocery store and catch up on the last twenty years, or have conversations with friends stating “you’re never going to guess who I ran into and how they are!”  The implementation of the internet amongst households in the twenty-first century has forever changed the ways that we communicate with one another.    Social networks now allow us to peer into anyone of our “friends” lives as we so please. One can see who is married, who has children, who is divorced and who is on the prowl for someone new!   There are many benefits to social networking and maintaining communications with our friends and family members, but at what cost?  Social networking is shaping the way that we communicate with each other while leaving an old friend to become passé; intimate personal communication.  When was the last time that any of us can state we penned a letter in our own hand and put a stamp on it?  In the first segment of this paper, we will look into the past and see how communication has evolved into the current state that it finds itself; an explosion of social networking.

            The implementation of social networking has also given birth to a new meaning of crime.  It will be demonstrated throughout this paper how more information than one may realize is readily available for the criminal masterminds to gain access to.  Not only has social networking created more ways for victimization to occur, but it has also enhanced a multitude of ways for the criminal to hunt his prey.  This victimization has resulted in areas of sexual predators amassing numerous ways to reach young prey, white collar crime over the internet, identity theft and domestic disputes.  We will see that there have been numerous cases that have resulted in the worldwide headlines with the crime resulting from social networking.

            In the final segment of this paper I will attempt to expose some of the dangers that are just a key stroke away for all of us out in the cyber world.  I will change my direction of research and look at the world-wide-web through the eyes of a criminal mastermind and attempt to uncover the evil that is available to anyone who desires it.
Download the entire paper below.
Fred Anzivino,
Aug 3, 2011, 6:35 PM