Ethernet (or wired) Networking
Ethernet Cable
If you are looking for unparalleled speed and reliability, you should certainly consider a CAT6 Ethernet network.  Ideal for a professional envorinment with workstations, servers and printers to share applications and files.
A wireless router may also be included to give your network wireless capabilities. 
Unlike most electricians and IT companies who usually draw the line at the physical wiring, or may not understand what a server does... we service the entire network.
  • Install CAT6 Cabling
  • Install Wall Jacks and Plates
  • Patch Panels
  • Ethernet Switch
Once this infrastructure is put in place, your possibilities blossom.  You can now share:
  • The Internet
  • Documents and Files
  • Applications and Programs
  • Copiers and Printers
Not to mention you can now fully release the power and security of your new network by installing a Windows Server.
Ethernet Network Diagram