Do you believe that technology should be saving you time not wasting it? Maybe technology should be making our lives easier and not more complicated. This is our focus. This is what we believe in.
We offer services that you need to get the most out of your home technology. If you have just one computer or a home office.  We will make it happen.
Diagnostics and Repairs
Computer & Laptop Repair
- Computer Repair

- Computer Setup
- Remote Support
  (Internet required)
- Virus Removal
Computer Security
Computer and Network Security
Protect yourself from the millions of threats online with low cost, and sometimes free solutions.
Secure your computers with a firewall, wireless network encryption, antivirus, and anti-spyware software.
Remember, there is no substitute for vigilance. Be cautious of downloading and installing files and programs from unfamiliar websites.
Backup and Recovery 
Low cost and little maintenance. Do not be sorry, instead you need to be prepared if (or when) your system crashes and you loose your data.  Starting at $169.00!
Windows Home Server
Windows Home Server
 - Store, organize and
   stream your digital
   media and files.
 - Share your photos
   and videos safely
   over the internet.
 - Securely access your files inside or
   outside your home or office.
 - Effortlessly backup and recover data,
   ...even after a hard drive crash.
Wireless Networking
- Internet Sharing 
- Share your files and
  digital media such as
  music and pictures.
- Work comfortably
  anywhere in your home.
Family Internet Safety
Family Internet Safety
The internet is a great tool for research and discovery. But the real truth is that there are places on the web where we do not want our children to go.
 - Create user accounts for children to
   prevent them from installing software
 - Set up a content filter and monitor
   your family's internet activity.