Backup and Recovery Solutions

It's not "if"... but "when".

You need to be honest with yourself. It's not about if your computer crashes, it's really about when it will crash. No one believes it will happen to them, until everything's gone.

We strongly suggest having your backups in two separate locations. One backup stored on site, and the second backup kept encrypted off site. This is to protect your data in case of natural / human disaster and redundancy. This is EASILY done with an external hard drive, along with an online backup solution where your data is safe, secure, and up in the "cloud" for access at any time, anywhere. Out of the many dozens of online backup services, there is only one real choice...

iDrive is by far the most cost effective and easy-to-use backup solution for personal use to your small-mid sized business. Starting as low as around $3.00 per month, you have 24/7 access to your secure, encrypted data. Be sure to confirm our referral from "VINOCOM" to lock in your 10%-50% off promotional rate today!

Why iDrive? In a nutshell...

Download iDrive's datasheet for all their features and security here.

Real people have lost years of work and memories because they didn't have a backup plan in place. Don't be sorry, be prepared! Have the peace of mind of knowing that your pictures, music and data files you have created and collected over the years are safely backed up.