Remote Services

Accessing your office network

It is becoming increasingly popular, if not necessary, to be working away from the office. Whether from home, a coffee shop, or airport, you may still need to access files or even your computer sitting at your desk.

Need to access your files remotely?

We can set up a secure VPN using a Windows Server for corporate environments. There are alternatives that can also be used for very few VPN connections, such as LogMeIn Hamachi VPN.

Need to access your PC remotely?

Look no further than RemotePC. Hands down the least expensive and most functional remote access software out there. Exceptionally easy to use and set up. Use our referral link here to start right away and lock in the promotional rate, upwards to 90% off your first year. Even after the promotion, you're looking at a little over $3.00 per month for access to 2 host computers! Mac or PC.

RemotePC is easily scalable to larger companies and users. The also have plans for up to hundreds of users and computers. Please... Go ahead and shop around. You'll end up back to RemotePC in the end.