Technical support the way it should be... not what you're used to.
Vinocom Services
PC and Laptop Repair
   Computer Repair, Laptop Repair,
   Installation, and Virus Removal
Internet Family Safety
  Family Internet Safety
Backup and Recovery Solutions
  Backup and Recovery Solutions
Ethernet and Wireless Networking
  Ethernet and Wireless Networks
Computer and Network Security
   Computer and Network Security

Windows Server Systems
  Microsoft Windows Servers
Vinocom Home Solutions
Emily on Computer
We offer services that you need to get the most out of your home technology. If you have just one computer or several, a home office or home theater. We make it happen.
Whether you have a small office, a home office (SoHo), or maybe a large enterprise, we utilize commonsense strategies so your technology can be kept secure and efficient which, in the end, saves you money.
We create functional, cost-effective websites for businesses and individuals with no monthly hosting fees.  Designs starting at $199.99!