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We have the experience and expertise to offer commonsense solutions for your technology needs.  We also understand that you need to put your technology to work for you as a tool, so you can focus on one thing... your business.
Small Office / Home Office (SoHo)

Small Office / Home Office (SoHo)

For today's small businesses, technology is necessary.  Yet you shouldn't need to spend outrageous prices for basic technologies that are supposed to make your work easier.
  • Computer and accessory setup & repair
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Remote support (internet required)
  • Ethernet or wireless networks to share files, printers, applications, and the internet.
  • Consultation, budgeting and strategic planning
  • Centralized dual backup systems.  One local backup and one encrypted cloud backup.  Avoid paying "ransomware" attacks and be back up in only hours by having a complete backup of your files!

Does your professional email address end with "", "", or ""?  Why?  Within only a few hours, you can have your own domain name.  In our case, it's "".  With your own domain, you can then utilize cost-effective solutions for email, contacts, and secure online calendars.  You are also on the path of having your own website or company intranet.
Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

If it's a school, computer lab or large office, you need competent support to implement comprehensive strategies to keep your systems secure with the maximum uptime.  Simply, we get the job done.
  • Large scale deployment of software applications, computers and servers.
  • Operating System and software image creation, deployment, and maintenance with, for example, Symantec Ghost.
  • Centralize security software with, for example, Symantec Endpoint Security.
  • Share and access files, printers, and applications securely with Microsoft Windows Server Systems.
  • Centralized dual backup systems.  One local backup and one encrypted cloud backup.  Avoid paying "ransomware" attacks and be back up in only hours by having  complete backup of your files!
  • Remote support (internet required).
  • Ethernet / wireless networks and cabling services.
  • Consultation, budgeting and strategic planning.


With a secure and dependable ethernet and wireless network, you can safely share files, printers, applications and the internet.  We also provide cabling services too!

Installation, Diagnostics and Repair

Diagnose / repair your desktop PC, laptop, server and printers.

Backup and Recovery

Low cost and little maintenance.  Do not be sorry, instead be prepared if (or when) your system crashes and you loose your data.

Remote Services

Work from anywhere!  Access your work computer remotely, or access server files with a VPN.

Privacy and Security

Secure your data, computers and network.

Windows Server Systems

Unlock the power of your network using Windows Server Services.   Secure and manage your network with an Active Directory Domain Controller.  Customize security access to all your network's resources with Group Policy.  Share applications across your network.  Centralize networking services like DHCP and DNS.

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