Vinocom Solutions for your Home and Family

Do you believe that technology should be saving you time not wasting it?  Maybe technology should be making our lives easier and not more complicated.  This is our focus.  This is what we believe in.

We offer services that you need to get the most out of your home technology. If you have just one computer or a home office.  We will make it happen.

Home WiFi and Networking

With a home wireless network you can share the internet, printers and files while working from anywhere  in your home.  Connect to your workplace from home too!

Installation, Diagnostics and Repair

Diagnose / repair your WiFi, desktop PC/Mac, laptop and printers.  Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Backup and Recovery

Low cost and little maintenance.  Do not be sorry, instead be prepared if (or when) your system crashes and you loose your data.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Oh yeah... Virtual Reality needs to be experienced.  We can set this up for you for less than you think!

Privacy and Security

Secure your data, computers and network.  Protect yourself with a solid WiFi password, a proper firewall, antivirus, safe internet browsers and adblockers.

Family Internet Safety

Protect your family!

The internet is a great tool for discovery and research. However there are dark sides to the internet that we do not want our children to go.

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