Vinocom Solutions and Services

We offer practical services for the modern family and business.  With broad experience and understanding in several technology fields, we are able to provide commonsense solutions all within your budget.  Here is a brief summary of our services.

Our current hourly rate is $75.00 per hour.  A one-way travel charge (House Call) is at our hourly rate, usually around $35.00.
Of course there is no travel charge if working remotely.

​Computer and Laptop Repair

Installation, Diagnostics and Repair

  • Do you need a hand setting up your new computer or installing software?
  • Did your toddler rip off some of the keys from your keyboard? ...(it happens)
  • Was there an incident involving some iced tea and your laptop? ...(yep, that too)
  • Is your computer is running slower than it used to?
  • Or maybe you want the most out of your old computer and not buy a new one.

After all, you spent good money on your computer.  Why not get the most out of it?

Computer Repair

Diagnose / repair your desktop PC/Mac, laptop and printers.

Analyze System Performance

We recommend strategies to maximize your PC's efficiency and security.

Data Recovery

PC crashed?  We'll attempt to recover your data from a crashed system.

Virus/Spyware Removal

Cleanse your PC of viruses, spyware, adware and malware.

System Tune-up and Upgrades

Improve performance or increase storage.

​Backup and Recovery

It's not actually "if"... but "when".

You need to be honest with yourself.  It's not about if your computer crashes, it's really about when it will crash.  No one believes it will happen to them, until everything's gone.

We strongly suggest having your backups in two separate locations.  One backup stored on site, and the second backup kept encrypted off site.  This is to protect your data in case of natural / human disaster and redundancy.  This is EASILY done with an external hard drive, along with an online backup solution where your data is safe, secure, and up in the "cloud" for access at any time, anywhere.  Out of the many dozens of online backup services, there is only one  real choice...

iDrive is by far the most cost effective and easy-to-use backup solution for personal use to your small-mid sized business. Starting as low as around $3.00 per month, you have 24/7 access to your secure, encrypted data.  Be sure to confirm our referral from "VINOCOM" to lock in your 10%-50% off promotional rate today!

Why iDrive?  In a nutshell...

Real people have lost years of work and memories because they didn't have a backup plan in place.  Don't be sorry, be prepared!  Have the peace of mind of knowing that your pictures, music and data files you have created and collected over the years are safely backed up.

Backup and Recovery

Low cost and little maintenance.  Do not be sorry, instead be prepared if (or when) your system crashes and you loose your data.

Ethernet & Wireless Networking

If you are looking for unparalleled speed and reliability, you should certainly consider a CAT6 Ethernet network.  Ideal for a professional environment with workstations, servers and printers to securely share applications and files.

Wireless access points or router can be added to boost WiFi coverage and flexibility of your operations.

Unlike most electricians and IT companies who usually draw the line at the physical wiring, or may not understand what a server does... we service the entire network.
  • Install / maintain CAT6 Cabling
  • Install RJ45 wall jacks and plates
  • Patch Panels
  • Ethernet Switch(s)

Once this infrastructure is put in place, your possibilities blossom.  You can now share the internet, files, applications / software and printers.

​Family Internet Safety

The Tools We Use:
  • There are many methods to filter and monitor your family's internet traffic.  They are usually free for home use, and are relatively easy to use.
  • Microsoft offers Family Safety which works very well with Windows (as you could probably imagine).  Simply set up family member accounts in Windows 10.  Once created, you can manage the time of day, program access, even downloading from the internet.
  • Newer home routers typically come with Parental Controls embedded in their basic programming.  This may not be a universal feature, yet, with routers.
  • Change the DNS settings on the device or home router to a more family friendly internet experience.  There are free (for home use) DNS servers that don't allow access to non-family friendly websites.  For example, Neustar UltraDNS Public or OpenDNS Family Shield.

General Tips in Protecting Your Family
  • Keep the family computer in the family room or another open area of your home.  If you feel it is necessary for your children to have a computer or laptop in their room, then consider the three-step plan that we outline under 'What We Do'.
  • Communicate with your family your clear and simple rules of the computer.  Explain why they are important.  Post them on the monitor as a reminder if you need to.
  • Be involved with your children.  Have them show you what they know and where they go.
  • Explain to them to never, never, NEVER give out personal information such as their full name, home address, phone number, where they go to school, social Security number, passwords, names of family members or credit card numbers.
  • Always remember that education is a key part of prevention.  Constantly educate yourself and your children.
  • Speaking of education... learn the lingo!  Texting lingo is a language all on its own.  Look up many of the acronyms at
  • Enable "Safety Mode" for YouTube.  You can watch the video here to find out how.

Family Internet Safety

The internet is a great tool for discovery and research. However there are dark sides to the internet that we do not want our children to go.

It's your home.  It's your family.  It's time you take control!
Protect... Your... Family.

What We Do:
  • Create an Administrator account on your computer(s), complete with a password for you to use.  This places you in full control of your computer systems.
  • Create standard user accounts for children (or guests) to use.  This restricts them from changing your settings, accessing your files and installing most software.
  • Set up Parental Controls to filter, monitor and set a time schedule on your family's internet activity.

Computer and Network Privacy and Security

There are literally millions of viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs that will compromise your computers or network if they are not properly protected. Just like backup systems, it's not a matter of 'if' it will happen, but 'when'.

The good news is networks and computers can easily be secured by using firewalls, security appliances (for enterprises) and by installing the appropriate antivirus, ad blockers and other anti-malware software.

Thankfully, there are also new internet browsers (like the Brave browser), and search engines (,, that respect your privacy and DO NOT sell any of your information to anyone.  In fact, they don't collect any at all.
Home Security

Home Security

Luckily, there are several options available that are free for home use.
  • Install / maintain a firewall for homes with a high speed internet.  The home router should be properly configured.
  • Secure your wireless network with encryption keys.
  • Install antivirus & anti-spyware software on your computers.  Windows 10 comes with a free antivirus (Windows Security) that is rather adequate for most uses.
  • Install ad blockers for each browser like Adblock Plus to block fake virus alerts and intrusive ads that can take you to phishing / malware sites.
  • Surf responsibly.  Be cautious of underground websites, and files downloaded from file sharing (P2P/peer-to-peer) software.
  • Adopt a Family Internet Safety strategy (above).  Set up internet controls and user accounts to help protect your computers.
Office & Business Security

Office Security

Beyond the above concerns and outside threats, you may also need to control access to your data.
  • Protect your network with a firewall, and wireless encryption.
  • Install an ethernet network and narrow the point of entry to your network.
  • Protect your computers with antivirus, ad blockers and user accounts.
  • Secure your data, network, and printers by setting up an Active Directory domain on a Windows Server.
  • Set up remote access with a VPN using a Windows Server.
  • Back up your data! Too many people have lost endless hours of hard work, simply because they did not have a proper backup system.  Damage from "ransomware" is an easily recoverable with a good backup system.


Seems like a good place to explain our Privacy Policy...

We do not collect any private information/data, ever.  Your data is your data.  Period.

That being said, there are clients of ours where we take notes, record instructions, diagrams or log our work.  Any and all technical documentation is 100% owned by the client, not us.  It is always given when updated or asked for.  This information is kept on a private server with limited access.  Once a client becomes inactive, the documentation is digitally shredded according to the Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) standards.

There is a thing called "honor", and we live up to it.

Accessing your office network

Need to access your files remotely?

We can set up a secure VPN using a Windows Server for corporate environments.  There are alternatives that can also be used for very few VPN connections, such as LogMeIn Hamachi VPN.

Need to access your PC remotely?

Look no further than RemotePC.  Hands down the least expensive and most functional remote access software out there.  Exceptionally easy to use and set up.  Use our referral link here to start right away and lock in the promotional rate, upwards to 90% off your first year.  Even after the promotion, you're looking at a little over $3.00 per month for access to 2 host computers!  Mac or PC.

RemotePC is easily scalable to larger companies and users.  The also have plans for up to hundreds of users and computers.  Please... Go ahead and shop around.  You'll end up back to RemotePC in the end.

Remote Services

It is becoming increasingly popular, if not necessary, to be working away from the office.  Whether from home, a coffee shop, or airport, you may still need to access files or even your computer sitting at your desk.

Microsoft Windows Server

Unlock the power of your network using Windows Server Services.

Secure and manage your network with an Active Directory Domain Controller.  Customize security access to all your network's resources with Group Policy.  Share applications across your network.  Centralize networking services like DHCP and DNS.

With a File Server, you can store thousands of computer files and access them very quickly and easily.  Use your office copier to scan documents to a central (or private) location.  Organize and secure those files and have a backup solution when disaster strikes.

Printer Services share printers, scanners and copiers at the office.  Have access to be able to print documents to another printer on the network, like a copier.

This is possible if you have a small handful of office workstations, or thousands of them.


Yes we can help you with your website as well.  It's a service we do, but to be honest, we don't care for doing them.  However, if you really, really, really, really, really want us to do yours, you can always ask.  If you ask nice enough, maybe we will.